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| by Jonas | published under GameDuell

We were recently diving into the subject of cross-platform gaming and how technology has allowed us to create a totally new type of gaming experience. Without any hassle, people are able to jump into their favorite games on different platforms: in any browser, on their smart phone and through social networks like Facebook and Google+.

One of the biggest benefits is that you don’t have to learn how to play your game again when switching to a new platform; in fact, the game experience is almost identical regardless of how or where you’re getting into it.

Although the idea of cross-platform gaming is not necessarily new, it’s been only recently that a few games companies have started to create games that run on smart phones, in any web browser and on social platforms.

Since it’s hard to keep track of everything happening across all these platforms, here is “GameDuell’s Top 3 Best Cross-Platform Games” list.

1. Fluffy Birds

These cute, fluffy, little, colorful birds want to be secured – desperately! So fire up your iOS or Android device, Facebook or log in to GameDuell.com to help them. The game is easy to learn but hard to master and the time you have to complete a level is limited, which adds tons of tension to the game. Fast thinking, quick reactions and intuitive skills are necessary in order to post high scores (and beat your challengers). This game is cuteness to the max – try it out yourself.

Play Fluffy Birds on Web | iOS | Android | Facebook

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2. Cleopatra’s Pyramid

Everyone who loves Solitaire will also love Cleopatra’s Pyramid and its beautiful cards artwork. This version of the card game takes you back in the time of ancient Egypt and its legendary pyramids. The goal is to form pyramids of 52 cards without having to turn over a new card. The game play is truly captivating and with 212 levels you certainly won’t run out action any time soon.

Play Cleopatra’s Pyramid on Web | iOS | Android | Facebook


3. Bubble Speed

Bubble Speed is a fun and relaxing game that helps you to take a break in the heat of the day. But if you like a little bit more action, then Bubble Speed is the right choice and the best thing is that the mobile version of this classic puzzle game syncs with Facebook. This means, you’ll have you friend’s list and gems on both platforms.

Play Bubble Speed on Web | iOS | Facebook