Blog - 10 years of fun at GameDuell! GameDuell celebrates its 10 years anniversary

10 years of fun at GameDuell! GameDuell celebrates its 10 years anniversary


GameDuell Fun Facts

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After 10 years, we are still feeling fresh and vibrant! It was in late 2003 that our three founders Kai Bolik, Boris Wasmuth and Michael Kalkowski founded GameDuell. After an intensive preparation time within the initial core team our first web game “Tausch Rausch” and the popular GameDuell games platform launched in spring time 2004. So we thought it’s about time to draw a résumé and collected 10 fun facts about the company and our team here. Have fun and enjoy! Full infographic here

GameDuell Duels and Lines of Code


Since 2003 our developers have written 1.3 million lines of codes for our games platform and our web games so our players can rejoice on our community features and play with their friends. When it comes to competition, more than 2 billion duels have been played in the entire history of GameDuell on our games platform.


GameDuell Vitamine and Caffeine Orders


We not only want our players to be happy, but also our team. That’s why we've striven to provide the best food and drinks to our team. Per year we order 1,758 kilograms of bananas, 43 kilograms of ginger and 12,000 bottles of Club Mate and Club Mate Cola (= 6,000 litres). And last, but most important: Our team enjoys around 680 family glasses of chocolate spread each year!


GameDuell Network Cable


Communication and information is essential for our team to create the best possible products and services. So we laid more than 33 kilometers of network cables in our Berlin headquarters to connect all team members to our IT systems.  


GameDuell Team Facts


Regarding our team, we also collected some interesting facts. The average age of the GameDuell team members is 32 with 35 percent female team members and 65 percent male. So we are still a young team with a relative high share of female team members for a games company. And we are becoming more and more international. At the moment there are 26 nationalities represented in our team and we have had 42 since 2003. For that reason, since the formation of GameDuell, our company language has been English.


GameDuell Player Requests


We care for our players here at GameDuell. Since 2003 our community team answered approximately 2,500,000 requests via e-mail and phone to make our players happy.


GameDuell Fun Facts Notecards


Last but not least, we like to get things done! In 2013 we used around 6,700 notecards for the stand-up meetings in our product and development teams. They are the ones responsible for creating our rich portfolio of web, social and mobile games and to constantly enhance them over time.


Over the last 10 years, our passion for creating games and a thrilling user experience have made GameDuell one of the largest cross-platform social games communities in the world. But we still feel young and have many plans and ideas to make our games and services even better, particularly on social platforms and mobile devices. So there's no time to lay back now.


We have collected many anecdotes and highlights of our company history in our dynamic timeline here. We are looking forward to another great 10 years!

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