World’s fastest bubble shooter out now for mobile: Bubble Speed

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Bubble Speed, GameDuell’s popular title – known from their own platform and Facebook - has made the jump to mobile and is out now!

Available for both the iPhone and iPod Touch, Bubble Speed is also available for the iPad with full retina support. Not merely a port of the Facebook version of Bubble Speed, the iPad and iPhone versions have been designed specifically for the hardware and are fully optimized for each.
The game is free to download across all devices with boosts available for purchase in-game. The hallmark of GameDuell’s titles is cross-platform compatibility, which is ever present in Bubble Speed iOS.

You can download the game from iTunes here and jump right into the action.

Enjoy the high speed of Bubble Speed

Speed is the optimum word with Bubble Speed. The world’s fastest bubble shooter tasks players to form groups of 3 or more like colored bubbles and score as many points as possible before the timer runs out. With intuitive and accurate controls, Bubble Speed also features all the great stuff you know already from the Facebook version such as leveling, plentiful rewards and diverse boosts like Multiplier, Bomb, Color Squid, Time and Line Breaker to keep the game fresh and exciting.
With true

cross-platform gaming, Bubble Speed players can compete against friends playing the Facebook version of the game in weekly tournaments. Gamers can also play on both platforms and see their progress, coins, lives and scores synced across each. GameDuell, long a proponent of cross-platform gaming, has recently published an infographic on the subject which you are free to use as you like and is found below.
You can download the game from iTunes here and jump right into the action.