Blog - World Cup Football Viewing and yummy BBQ @ GameDuell

World Cup Football Viewing and yummy BBQ @ GameDuell

20.06.2014 | by Milena Marazopoulos | published under GameDuell

Football mania at GameDuell! The GameDuell team, along with a few friends and family members, gathered in our events lounge to view the FIFA World Cup tournament match between the German team and Portugal.

The excitement grew to frenzy when the German team scored their first successive goals. Understandably, our Portuguese team members were very sad when a member of their squad was given a red card and the strength of their defensive team was diminished. The last goal of the game sealed the deal on the German team's impressive victory.



With the help of our GameDuell caterers from GutFood Berlin (Good Food for our non-German speakers), everyone was able to chat about the game over a delicious BBQ which was served on our sunny terrace during the half-time break.



We will continue to screen matches daily, after working hours, so that all team members can follow the tournament closely.