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We are happy that after 2019, we are able to once more support wirmachenwelle e.V. with a donation!

wirmachenwelle (“We make waves”) e.V. brings young people from Germany's cities onto the surfboard and into nature.

© wirmachenwelle e.V.

Their fields of work include sports and experiential education projects for children and adolescents, research on the effects of surf therapy, and networking for surf therapy in Germany and Europe.

Water plays a crucial role here, because it combines sport and nature and increases young people’s potential and well-being. It also has a lasting influence on the development of their personal resources and social skills.

© Roman Matejov Fotografie / wirmachenwelle e.V.

© Roman Matejov Fotografie / wirmachenwelle e.V.

In their projects and surf camps, participants learn various methods such as breathing exercises, surf, skate and swimming workouts, sessions on self-reflection and assertiveness, and group building activities. They also develop awareness for the environment, themselves and their fellow human beings.

We also like their "Social Surfers Berlin": An open, sport-pedagogical leisure time offer in social hotspots, which is accessible to all children and young people between 12 - 17 years, all-around-the-year. A total of six different sports are offered, which are implemented on site, in surrounding natural areas (parks, lakes, rivers), and on the standing wave in a surf center in Berlin.

© wirmachenwelle e.V.

© wirmachenwelle e.V.

Further information can be found on their website.

Photos 2 & 3: © Roman Matejov Fotografie / wirmachenwelle e.V.
Photos 1, 4 & 5: © wirmachenwelle e.V.
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