Media review

Our tool tip in Making Games Magazine December 2016
20.12.2016 | published under media review
Our Associate Technical Director Josep Prat talks about Jenkins in game developement.
Gamasutra: First Grand Gin Rummy Tournament has started
16.11.2016 | published under media review

Office Drop In - A tour of GameDuell's Office
29.08.2016 | published under media review

GameDuell Studio Portrait on
27.06.2016 | published under media review

Our tool tip HAXE at Making Games Magazine 04/16
22.04.2016 | published under media review
Our Lead Designer Sven Otto talks about the HAXE technology in game developement.
Guest article at Heise Developer about glassfish / JEE7 migration
23.03.2016 | published under media review
GameDuells software architect Dirk Ehms reports about the migration project of our JEE application server.
GameDuell joins the federal games association GAME (German)
01.12.2015 | published under media review
GameDuell becomes a member of the GAME Bundesverband (Federal Association of the German Games Industry). The association also appointed Ramak Molavi, responsible for our legal team and member of the management, as a board member. organizes World Championship (French)
17.11.2015 | published under media review
The French games website reports about our worldwide Belote tournament playable via the Facebook and mobile app
The Importance of High-Quality Artwork in Mobile Games
06.11.2015 | published under media review
Our Head of Illustration Daniel Djanie in an interview about the importance of outstanding artwork in mobile games and a career in the games industry.

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