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New game: Maya Pyramid goes iOS

| by Jonas | published under News , Games , GameDuell

11 is the new magic number as you’ll find out if you play Maya Pyramid. Maya Pyramid is the second game, after Jungle Jewels, which GameDuell has released for the iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

GameDuell donates more than $12,000 to Amandla Edufootball

| by Jonas | published under Charity

Teaming up for a brighter future: Working together, participants in GameDuell’s Safari Bonus played hard and collected an impressive 10,127 EUR (that’s nearly $13,000). The proceeds are being donated to AMANDLA Edufootball, a child-care organization in South Africa that is funded exclusively by donations like this one.

New game: GameDuell's Fluffy

| by Jonas | published under News , Games , GameDuell

No, we haven’t gone cuckoo. But you might think so once you feast your eyes on our new game Fluffy - play now! After several extensive test-flights, we’re ready to let our colorful fluff balls take to the skies. So without further ado, we are proud to present GameDuell’s newest creation.

GameDuell donates 5,000 Euro to Project Villa suedSee

| by Jonas | published under Charity

Here at GameDuell we’re always on the lookout for ways to support organizations that work to change the world for the better, and this year is no different. One amazing charity that has really grabbed our attention is the youth project Villa südSee. Nestled in a peaceful country village, the villa is home to eight children and teenagers between the ages of 6 and 18.

GameDuell Love: An interview with two of our players

| by Jonas | published under GameDuell

We all know that GameDuell is the number one meeting spot for great games and private messages. But did you know that sometimes beautiful relationships bloom out of these chance meetings? Christine and Dirk from Duisburg, Germany know it now. We recently sat down with both of them so they could share their story.

Jungle Jewels iPhone app: New version out now

| by Jonas | published under News , GameDuell

Jungle Jewels is one of the most popular GameDuell games - and it is also available "to go" for your iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch.

Game tips (German)

| by Jonas | published under GameDuell

Auf der folgenden Seite finden Sie Spieletipps und Hinweise.

Team Challenge: Half marathon Berlin

| by Jonas | published under GameDuell

On Sunday morning, four GameDuell team members participated in the Berlin half marathon. More than 27.000 people had registered for the running event - one of the biggest half marathons worldwide.